Pendant «NUGGI»

Pendant «NUGGI» 6x Mini Mix
6x Mini Mix
€ 4.41
+ shipping costs
Pendant «NUGGI» 6x Midi Mix
6x Midi Mix
€ 6.21
+ shipping costs
Pendant «NUGGI» 4x Maxi Diamond
4x Maxi Diamond
€ 8.91
+ shipping costs
Pendant «NUGGI» Necklace 45-50 cm
Necklace 45-50 cm
€ 2.61
+ shipping costs


Colourful dummy pendant sets in three different sizes to put together yourself. The cute trend from the 90s can simply be attached to a chain or cord (not included) and worn around the neck like in the old days. Each set comes with 6 or 4 different coloured pendants.



6x Mini Mix: 2 cm each

6x Midi Mix: 3 cm each

4x Maxi Diamond: 4 cm each


colours: Various

Material: Plastic

Weight: Mini 2 g each, Midi 5 g each, Maxi 10 g each