Skateboard «GALAXY»
Galaxy skateboard with LED wheels.
Slime «SPACE»
Metallic Galaxy Space Slime / Slime
Crystal clear transparent slime
Big Scrunchies «OVERSIZED»
Patterned oversized scrunchie hair bands
Ring «MOOD»
Mood ring that changes colour.
I WANT TO BELIEVE round Patch.
Thermos «SPECTRE»
Green, blue and purple shimmering thermos flask
Leggings «GALAXY»
Galaxis / Galaxy print Leggings
Socks «SPACE»
Socks with planets, astronauts and spaceships.
Mouse mat «GALAXY»
Mouse mat with Galaxy print for your stylishly office.
Patch «PLANET»
Planet with asteroid belt as a patch.
Choker «HOLO»
Holographic choker necklace with two sides
Sticker «CYBER-CH»
CH car sticker in new futuristic design.
Glitter «SEQUIN»
Fine glitter in different colours for various applications.
Mug «NASA»
Porcelain cup with Nasa logo
Sunglasses «GLITTER»
Glitter sunglasses in three different colors