Skateboard «GALAXY»
Galaxy skateboard with LED wheels.
Tamagotchi «EGG»
Tamagotchi with egg. Available in three different colors.
Slime «SPACE»
Metallic Galaxy Space Slime / Slime
Ring Pops «YUMMY»
Ring pop. The Fingerring Lollipop with Diamond.
AirPods «inPods12»
Colorful wireless headphones inPods 12 for listening to music without annoying cables.
Mini Bag «IKEA»
Small IKEA bag with chain and carabiner.
Crystal clear transparent slime
Barbecue stick «FORK»
Telescopic wooden barbecue grill with metal fork and Leather strap.
AirPods «A3 PRO»
White wireless headphones AirPods A3 Pro.
Coloured Fluffy Slime to knead and play with.
Hygiene Tool «HYHAND»
Hygiene tool for opening doors or pressing buttons.
Red steel cup for all adventurers
Patches «ALPHABET»
Stylische letter Patches von allen Buchstaben im Alphabet
Ring «MOOD»
Mood ring that changes colour.
AirPods «A3 PRO BLACK»
Black wireless headphones AirPods A3 Pro.
Headphones «NEAT»
Headphones in many different colorful colors.
Drinking straws «ECO»
Metal drinking straws in various colours and shapes.