AirPods «i12-BLACK»
Matt Black Wireless Headphones TWS i12 5.0 with Touch Sensor control.
Face mask «BOLD»
Face masks made of fabric in different colors.
Hygiene Tool «HYHAND»
Hygiene tool for opening doors or pressing buttons.
Digital watches in different colors.
AirPods Case «FADE»
Apple Airpod sleeves with colored gradient in two styles.
Glasses chain «ETHNO»
Patterned fabric spectacle ribbons in various colours Colours.
Patch with the beautiful Matterhorn.
Scrunchies «TIEDYE»
Scrunchie hair rubbers in colorful batik colors.
Scrunchies «VELVET»
Scrunchie hair rubbers with velvet in bright colors.
AirPods «A3 PRO BLACK»
Black wireless headphones AirPods A3 Pro.
AirPods «inPods12»
Colorful wireless headphones inPods 12 for listening to music without annoying cables.
Charging cable Lightning «RAINBOW»
Pink cable type C / USB in nylon rope look
Ring «MOOD»
Mood ring that changes colour.
Ankle chain «COWRIE»
Shell ankle chain with cowrie shells.
Hairband «ZIGZAG»
Zig Zag Hairband for Zig Zag Hair-style
Patches «COOPER»
Stylische letter Patches von allen Buchstaben im Alphabet